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1.          What gave you the idea to author a Personal Medical Journal?

I had an older neighbor named Phyllis who was seeing a handful of doctors and taking a handful of medicine.  Her “caretaker” nephew worked a day job and couldn’t take off and go with her to all of her doctor appointments.  He would say, “Aunt Phil, what did this doctor say and what is this new medicine for?”  And she would say, “I don’t remember and I don’t know.”  So I said, “Phyllis, I am going to make you a medical journal so you can keep up with all that.” 

I made her a crude personal medical journal and that was in March of 1999.  A couple of months later I began to look around Tulsa in the drugstores and bookstores and discovered that there was nothing on the shelves to meet what I saw as a great need; therefore I decided to devote myself to developing the product that I entitled the Personal Medical Journal.

Now that I have one myself, I just wish I had one all my life and especially when I was raising my son!


2.          Do you have any background in medicine?

No.  However, the fact that I personally have no background in medicine has helped to ensure that the Personal Medical Journal is very user friendly for “lay” people like me.  Anything that I did not personally understand, I found the answers for and passed along to everyone else who uses the book.  All the fill-in-the-blank charts are generic for each individual’s personal records and the information given in the book is taken from national professional health organizations/media. 


3.          How do you think your book will be received by the medical profession?

That was my primary concern when I began to develop the Personal Medical Journal.  I was concerned that they would not welcome the use of it because it represented their patients becoming more knowledgeable and involved in their personal healthcare—an arena that has been very one-sided in favor of the medical profession in many respects.  I am delighted to tell you that every single medical professional—doctors, nurses, and pharmacists—that I have presented the Personal Medical Journal to have been very positive and have encouraged me to get it out to the public.  They, like me, see a great need for such a health tool.


4.          What elements is the book composed of?

       There are 20 different sections of fill-in-the-blank charts where you chronicle your health test results, your immunizations, your family medical history, your prescriptions, your doctor appointments, and virtually everything that is involved in your health care over the course of your life.  Dividing these 20 sections is information put out primarily by national health organizations that pertains, in an educational sense, to the following sections to be filled in.  Either the sections of information or the fill-in-the-blank charts are more than worth the price of the book.  Much of the information is put out by the national Department of Health and Human Services in various brochures and booklets but I have compiled it into one book.


5.          What are the four large envelopes scattered throughout the book?

       Those four envelopes, as stated on their fronts, are for storing copies of your medical legal documents (such as your living will/advanced directive, birth certificate, organ donor form, etc.); your prescriptions waiting to be filled; your official immunization record; and your medical receipts waiting to be filed.


6.          What do you, the author, see as the primary benefits of using this book?

       Knowledge is power.  People need to be greatly empowered in their health journeys.  Our health determines the quality and quantity of our lives.  Something as important as our health requires our personal involvement in it—the greater the degree of our involvement in our own health care, the greater the quality should be.

         The Personal Medical Journal answers a great many strategic questions in our health care.  For instance, who should get what immunizations and how often, and what was the date of my last physical, my last tetanus shot, etc.?  Your blood type, allergies, chronic health problems, prescriptions, family health history, and dozens of other things that will help medical professionals diagnose and treat your health needs are included.

        This book will be of great value immediately and that value will increase exponentially with time!


7.          Who do you think would primarily benefit from using this book?

       That is a difficult question to answer because everyone needs to stay on top of their health concerns.  However, obviously those that will benefit the most will be those who use the Personal Medical Journal the most!


8.          Do you consider your book a good gift item?

       I cannot think of a better gift item.  It’s something that every individual needs and almost certainly something they will not already have.  Newlyweds, newborns, and caregivers would be especially good Personal Medical Journal recipients.  Also I think it is a particularly kind and thoughtful gift for those with chronic health problems or hospitalized patients.   People who tend to be organized (or want to be) will immediately see the great value of such a book.


9.          Should you get one book per family or one per individual?

       The Personal Medical Journal is designed for individuals; therefore each individual in the family needs one.  Each individual will have his own test results, his own immunization record, and, really, almost everything about a person’s health is individual.  When a child leaves home, he will want to be able to take his own medical records embodied in the Personal Medical Journal with him.


10.      Where are your books presently available?

       Freeland Brown Pharmacy in Tulsa, OK

        Or on the Internet at and 



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